Monday, March 22

Energy --- I feel great!
This fasting period was the most sneaky ever! During the whole fast, I observe restraint and detachment through obediance to the Law of God, and prayed for spiritual nourishment. Near the end, I started really connecting to my spirituality.
Now that the fast is over, I feel great!
My acting class is lots of fun. I'm learning tons on how to connect to another actor "in the moment." That's what I've been all about for many years, and that's what this class is about as well. My partner Krissy is great to work with, and feeds me strong energy to bounce off of.
Still obsessing over Mogwai & Radiohead.
Still miss my friends.
Still love the world.

Wednesday, March 17

I'm in love with the World --- So tonight will be the fourth night in a row that I meditate. It looks like I'm on my way to disciplining myself for good!
I'm listening to Radiohead's Hail to the Thief - a haunting experience.
I've been dreaming a lot about my dear, beloved friends. It's almost like visiting in person. I need to call you!

Tuesday, March 16

My friend Rachael's Blog

FLY GUY - Non-chalant journeying

Great site to check out - even if only once.
Naw Ruz this weekend! --- The fast has been wonderful this year. It's not too straining on my body (hardly at all, really), and it's such a beauteous opportunity to refocus on my spirituality.
In fact, I've just started my routine of transcendental meditation each evening!
I've met twice with my acting class, and it's terrific! I'm meeting great people, and getting a new perspective on the extraordinary world of acting!
Tonight is my night to catch-up a little with my e-mail...