Sunday, February 18

Wedding Schedule

So here's the idea:

Marriage 1:
Lillian and danio travel to Nanning and Guilin at the end of April to get our official marriage papers, because neither of us are Shanghai locals, so we can't get married here.

Marriage 2:
Late June, we have our official wedding party in Shanghai

Marriage 3:
We should be visiting the US in August, and probably have a wedding reception in Richmond, VA

Marriage 4:
We'll be coming back to Xinjiang about a year from now, so the family on Lillian's side will throw a party (or two), and have a big gathering!

Sunday, February 11

Home Sweet Home

Well, here I am, happy as can be with my new family in my new home, Kuerle, Xinjiang, China.

I've been here some three and a half days, but it already feels like much longer. It's so beautiful here, and it's just about the best vacation I've ever had. It's so great to see Lillian in her natural environment, as it were :)

So I'll be here for another few days, with mom, dad, and the family, then off to new adventures, then back in Shanghai by the end of the month.

All my love to all of you!