Monday, June 21

Union --- I just heard news of the most wonderful union: the engagement of two most beautiful and wondrous souls. Ruhi Book 4 planning is going well. Sarah and I will have a grand time. Last acting class tonight (until the fall). I've got a call-back for a show that starts in Sept: Kingdom of Earth, by Tennessee William. Cool! I'll have to see if I can actually fit it in my schedule... I miss my friends. That's the truth.

Tuesday, June 15

Rain --- tonight, after getting so bored of "Ladykillers" that Robbie and I walked out of the theater, we went to eat a Thai appetizer and fried icecream. Peter joined us. Then we sat on a bench on the sidewalk in the middle of the terrential rain, and created ourselves a moment, as it were... I had some auditions tonight. They seemed good. I read a chunk from the National Spiritual Assembly yearly report - the Office of External Affairs is experiencing very challenging times. I love brushing my teeth!
Theatre --- we had a great class yesterday, I'm really liking this Meisner method... I came to a realization last night, regarding the value of this method, and how it relates to the endeavor of using the performing arts to express truth. Thereupon, I decided on the topic of my next research paper. I expect I should be able to start my research in September, and write a decent paper by the time I re-apply for grad school in December. This morning I dreamt of a dragon-wolf. He was gorgeous. And then the twirling sentient flowers landed on the green hill and became ptarmagons - bad omen...
Goodbyes --- You never know what you've got 'til it's gone, right? Nope. I think part of walking through the Valley of Knowledge, the part about seeing the end in the beginning, allows us to avoid this problem. I don't know if I'm in this Valley, but I have a decent sense of this quality. For instance, I believe I had a good sense of the value of having the Cooks around in our community while they were here - though I miss them sorely. Oh! I got a cell phone!!! how awesome is that? (you might be cringing right now, but think about it... it had to happen...) I've got a picture of Jenna Cook on my screen (who came up with the idea of a _camera_ in a _phone_?). She's very sweet - we had a pleasant evening together before the family took off. Life is good.

Monday, June 7

Things Slow Down --- It's funny, even though I'm really not doing less (in fact, it seems still more and more), the crazy madness feeling of everything overwhelming me, after going through a phase of comfortable acquiescence, has now receded to the background a little, leaving a funny blandness in it's wake... A new experience for danio!!!
The day after the concert, we had a marvelous gathering to wish farewell to the wonderfull Cook family. The three youth/children have been role-playing with our group all year, and we've had beautiful times together. I will sorely miss them, for sho'! There was so much love at this gathering! One of the most exciting things is the prospect of spending more time with my cousin Katherine. She's totally awesome!
Sherry and I had our first public performance. It was fun. We also got to see a bunch of other awesome performers at the yearly Unity Courtyard Concert in West Point, VA. Great times. At the end of the concert, a bunch of people who are involved in "Expressions of the Spirit" got together to check in. It looks like we have significant support. I'm hoping we can kick this off the ground around mid-July. We'll see. At this stage, it's still difficult to tell the pace of such things. Looking great, though - we have awesome people working together!