Friday, September 18


Hi friends,

I am so sorry that this weblo has been inactive for so long.
I haven't been able to use this weblo, for technical reasons, and regret it greatly.
Please use email to keep in touch with me.

You are always in my heart, and I pray God may lift your spirit through all the challenges you may face, so yours may be a life of joy and felicity.


Monday, April 6


A central theme in my life for a long time has been embracing paradoxes, specifically that of time. Everything you've ever experienced was all preparing you for this moment, what you do in this moment will affect the rest of your life, while all there is is here and now. The play I've written for my theater students at the French School of Shanghai, while based on the ideas and stories they created themselves, tells a story of how one embraces the paradox of time.

And now Aeryn's awake.

Sunday, March 22

Aeryn Turns 6 Months Old!

From Family Favorites

Well, Aeryn's growth and happiness are the most important, but I'll also mention that Lillian's mom has moved in with us, as of last month, and her cousin and her mom have moved into an apartment in the same complex, and we've been having large dinners all together - not to mention picnics (photos not yet uploaded).

I've recently joined a local theater group, called Grass Stage, which has been great, not to mention that my weekly middle school after-school theater activity is progressing, as we recently finished our script.

We've started values workshop in our neighborhood, originally developed by my sis Charlotte. It's for mothers and their babies together. We're making new friends and learning lots!