Wednesday, May 23


Lillian's parents are visiting for a couple of weeks! They're staying with us in the apartment, we're having a great time, and they are helping with preparing the wedding party scheduled to take place on a boat on the Huangpu river on Children's Day - June 1 - also my mom's b-day!

It's suddenly pouring cats and dogs today, which is awesome! Less than a month into our marriage, Lillian and I have had a rollercoaster of a life together, and I can honestly say I've never been so happy. To think I found my eternal partner...

We did submit the visa application, but there's a 39-day wait to get an interview. It's gonna be a tight schedule to organize visiting the US. Please pencil in a wedding reception in Richmond, Virginia around mid-August.

Here are some pictures of some friends - I miss them so. Robbie and I were one crazy unique pair, Christian and Mishkin another, and the four of us were unstoppable!

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Sunday, May 6

The danio is married!

It was quite an amazing journey!
Day 1: Train to Guilin
Day 2: Take care of various documents for Lillian - passport, etc.; night bus to Nanning
Day 3: Get official marriage license from the Nanning government; train back to Guilin
Day 4: Marriage ceremony with a couple of friends (including Javad) around midnight; visiting town
Day 5: Wedding pictures in Guilin, Yang Shuo and in between
Day 6: A day of adventures in and around Yang Shuo
Day 7: More adventures, in Long Shen
Day 8: Train back