Thursday, March 29

Han Yuan

Han Yuan is an awesome (though pricy) private Chinese language school, where I studied October through January. Learning there helped my level of spoken Chinese increase dramatically. I particularly love the teachers, the materials (books they have designed themselves), the atmosphere, and the complementary drinks!)

They had a fun Christmas Party, which Lillian and I attended:

This is my main teacher, who has lots of energy and enjoys her job!

The teachers are all young girls - I'm not sure how they justify that...

Camille, my one classmate, an awesome French adventurer, who's been all over China, and has the craziest sense of humour. We had such a blast, perpetually cracking up at everything. I sure didn't mind someone to speak French with. He's supposed to be helping Lillian and I organize our hopefully very imaginative wedding party this summer.
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Monday, March 26

No Time to Read

As some may know, there are a number of weblos I cannot access, and my habit of keeping up with my friends' weblos has been all but lost.

Enters Google to save danio's life for the 5th or 6th time! Google Reader lets me check your delicious life updates as I would e-mail! I've lost many URLs to my friends' weblos, so please take this opportunity to shamelessly post yours as a comment below. You may e-mail if as well.

Lillian and I are planning to set up our own weblo and picture site - both through one convenient all-in-one Google account. I'll post a link when that's done.

And speaking of pictures, I'll post pictures of our trip to Xinjiang within the next week. I'm very hopeful that I will gradually return to a regular schedule of posting on this weblo. Please rest assured that the danio's life remains full of beauty, excitement, depth, growth, spiraling, and (for better or for worse) devoid of babies or decadence...

Saturday, March 3

Fast & Future


Life is great!

Back in Shanghai!

I have some two months of e-mails to catch up with, so if I owe you one, I'm working on it.

The fast has begun - refraining from food and drink from sunrise to sunset for 19 days. That's not hard at all, though. What's hard is being away from Lillian for 19 days. Kind of interesting having two overlapping fast - the latter ending upon her return to Shanghai on Wednesday.

We'll be posting lots of pictures onse she gets back with the camera.