Sunday, May 30

Beauty --- It's been so great to have this bird (it might be a couple of birds) singing all day while we're going through Ruhi book 4 (on the life of the "Twin Manifestations" of God - a history of the Baha'i Faith)! It's like they're assisting us. God too is assisting us, as we have very little time to go over all of the material... It's going great. I'm missing someone very much, though. Funny how emotions get... The choir had a beautiful performance today - another demonstration that, even if we suck in practice, when we trust in God, the Beauty flows through us despite our frailties... Good times!

Monday, May 24

Tutor --- I managed to plan the first of four units in the book I'll be tutoring this weekend! My acting class is going great. I've gotten to work with almost everyone in the class! Mogwai is still the best band of the moment. Robbie's team won the soccer game 6-0. I poored water on my head at work just on a whim. My hair is still black. I just ate strawberries while drinking orange juice. The ninety degrees outside didn't even bother me today. I am lovestruck and delighted by it. The moon is a beautiful crecent and magnolias are in bloom. I wish I could tell one soul of all the things that are in my world, but I always have God, my true confidant.

Thursday, May 20

Summer trip --- I've managed to get two weeks off from work, June 26-July 10. Here's the plan: (1) go to Ruhi in the Woods 2004 in Fort Wayne, IN and tutor Ruhi Book 4 (a study in Baha'i Scriptures and Baha'i history) with my friend Sarah Lonning; (2) visit my beloved family, the Dornbrooks, in Mentor, OH (right outside Cleveland); (3) meet up with my parents in Quebec, Quebec to visit my sister and her family. Then I'll be back in Richmond to pick up again on all of my activities, and this new summer project. Yippie!!!
Life on the line --- I found a way to describe how I've been feeling! It goes like this: everything in my life means more and more, because of how I always try to embrace all of space and time - every experience, every moment. It's taking over, though, so then I focused on embracing the nothingness all around - how none of this stuff really matter. But then, when absorbing this emptiness, it too means everything! So everything means everything, and nothing means everything! How overwhelming is that? Although, of course, it's also infinitely beautiful. In order to cope, I've found that disciplining myself to meditate everynight helps in escaping it all. Furthermore, after deciding with Sherry that we'll learn to play and sing the song "Because" by the Beatles together, I felt an immense relief. In the final analysis, the danio is very happy!

Monday, May 10

Project Launched --- I just launched my new project yesterday! It will span the whole summer, and is characterized by the following: a first meeting has been set for two weeks from now; a series of weekend workshops, maybe two hours each in length, utilizing the skill and enthusiasm of the the people I know in Richmond; the possibility of poetry, acting, playwrighting, singing, playing music, dancing, and storytelling so far; anywhere from 5 to 25 will help the launching; the theme is unity: for all people to consort in love and friendship with other people from all regions, cultures, religions, etc.; only the first phase, leading into a second phase in the Fall. In summary, it's an exciting project that will bring together many people and offer something real to the community. In fact, the project has already succeeded - it's almost as if I get to sit back and watch now (though that definitely won't be the case in practice...) Yay!
Total Madness --- I keep thinking to myself how crazy my life is! There's a few new emotional things going on with me, but I'm managing to be detached enough to both welcome it and embrace the continuing elements of my life. I'm happy, with lots to live for, and so many of them are in the here and now!

Saturday, May 1

Little things --- In the car, I thought about something Joel said... that blabbering isn't necessarily a form of communication. I actually don't speak much about the things I do to those nearest. In truth it would take too much time, but I thought I'd just share a story with my dad in the car. This afternoon I picked up some icecream with Niki for the rest of the team at work. My teeth are clean and happy, 'cause I went to the best dentist ever yesterday. Sometimes I think so much that thinking is all I'm thinking about... Musing. Musings.