Wednesday, January 26

Corse --- Robbie and I have started working out together. We'll be going to the YMCA two or three times per week. It's sexy. and crowded. and funny.

Went out to lunch with Whitney today. She is definitely very cool! I had forgotten how good Indian food can be! Tanya had recommended it some time ago. Our whole team is moving from the second floor to the first over the weekend. It'll be a welcome change for me, especially that we can finally look outside again. I'll have a decent view through two glass panes (though from some distance).

Bjork's live albums are now available on Rhapsody. It makes me so happy!


"There is a strange frenzy in my head

of birds flying,

each particle circulating on its own,

Is the one I love everywhere?"

Wednesday, January 19

Walk --- went on a beautiful hike with Martin and Shin out at Newport Park (I think). Peace and beauty all around, and pleasant company. It did not, however, satisfy my desire for silence. This desire waxes piercing with each passing month. Soon. Soon I will satisfy and be satisfied.

"Sushi & Go Night"!!! We had our first on Monday evening, and what a marvelous time! Robbie actually enjoyed sushi! (don't think he had really ever had it before). I performed terribly in the one full-size game we played, but feel I learned maybe just a little bit. Robbie will have to give me more of a handicap next time... Peter couldn't make it, but should be there this coming Monday.

SNOW!!! it snowed today, and it was beautiful

I received the book "Critical Consciousness" by Elena Mustakova-Possardt, and I am psyched to get started on it! especially that I just finished reading her 15-page presentation that she gave at the Social & Economic Development Conference, as well as Husayn Almart's "Cosmopolitanism" paper - all of which is contributing to my World Citizen Project (a rather nebulous project so far).
Anger --- I was listening to Joni Mitchell last weekend, and after a while of being infused with her emotional bouquets of reality, it hit me how powerful her music is. Then I got angry: I had so benefitted from her music in less than an hour - yet, none of my friends had ever told me, "danio... danio, you _need_ to listen to Joni Mitchell". Why? many of my friends listen to her, I'm sure. And some of them are truly moved by her. And a couple of them are bound to know that I too would be susceptible to her beauty. This experience quickly transformed into insight into the experience of some Baha'is, who have said they've gotten angry at other Baha'is they had met previously, only to later discover their Faith, which they had kept to themselves. And here I stand, guilty of withholding the Baha'i Faith, failing to convey the all-embracing Message of Baha'u'llah, which contains the cup which will saciate the thirst of each soul! I then connected with the suffering of so many people on this planet, who would certainly obtain greater ease in this life if they could benefit from the soft-flowing Word of God. God grant that I may yet embrace my purpose and potential. "God grant that the light of unity may envelop the whole world, and that the seal 'the Kingdom is God's' may be stamped upon the brow of all its people."

Thursday, January 13

Cabin --- Hey! I read a new poem at the Just Poetry Jam on Monday, called angel, partly inspired by a track by Lamb, called "Gabriel". Later that night I wrote yet another, called "Everything is Everything". I hope to enter the Just Poetry Slam in two weeks with this new piece. Eric finally ran out of licorice from Germany. I tried out a new kung fu school tonight. I don't know if I'll continue there yet.

Wednesday, January 5

Introducing --- Leigh Katherine Polomat, my sister's new baby, born January 1 - 8.5 lbs. and about 20" (52cm). I am now twice uncle, and maybe you kind reader will send up a prayer for her joyful and spiritually rich growing and developing.

Tuesday, January 4

Fool --- Is it true that you can get a cold sore from lack of sleep? The new Gregorian is, as usual, actually a significant time, despite its cosmic near-irrelevance. As I have to some extent encapsulated my goals, plans, dreams and vision for the next period of my life, I am now (still summarily) attempting to scrye how things will all come together. In any case, it's a most exiting time...

I just got back from tutoring Ruhi Book 6, on Teaching the Cause (of Baha'u'llah), and I had just outline my personal teaching plan the week before - so that's a big motivation to finalize that process.

This is a big month for me, and I'm spending this whole week figuring out how the next several months will generally be scheduled.