Monday, February 27

I've been moving around, as mentioned in the previous post.
Here are some pictures!

After a week in Evanston & Chicago (which was after the 4 months in Quebec with my sister), Omid and I drove to Baltimore. I visited there with my friend Sam, and Molly and Maia:

In Richmond, I visited and stayed with friends and family. Here I am in the lovely company of two fabulous ladies: Henrietta and June, my grandmother:

I've been in "the China area" for a month now. That is to say two weeks in Macau, a few days in Hong Kong, a few more in Guangzhou, and two weeks here in Shanghai. The following pictures are from the visit Javad and I made to Guangzhou:

This is the work of Javad's magical hands with my camera:

By the way, these are all from Bayun Mountain, in the middle of the city (kind of). We climbed nearly to the top:

This precious picture is from Hong Kong, where Sunitha blessed us with her hosting skills to show us the beauty of her home city. Posted by Picasa