Monday, April 26

Veronica --- What a beautiful woman, my Veronica. She was visiting on business from Anchorage, AK, for Planned Parenthood, to sponsor a pro-choice march in DC. So I drove up on Saturday to visit her for a couple of hours. We had the most beautiful time catching up. She and I have such amazing chemistry! It energizes me to have seen. I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful friend...
Uncle --- My sister (Charlotte) is pregnant with her second child - which makes me uncle TWICE!!!! Yeah! TWICE I've been on the verge of tears of joy since I heard yesterday! I get to visit her and her family (of now FOUR!) in Qubec beginning July: my dad and I are driving up. I'm super spyched.

Thursday, April 22

Baseball --- I went to a baseball game for the first time in my life with a couple of workers and their respective significant other (none for danio!?!). Fun!

Wednesday, April 21

Bjork again --- I must say I _really_ love this album of Bjork's (Vespertine). It's so beautiful! When I listen to Bjork, it often makes me think of my friend Kristina - she's a fan, and it's all stuff that she would probably sing herself, from her own heart.
1st Day of Ridvan --- We had a beautiful observance of this Baha'i Holy Day, corresponding to Baha'u'llah's declaration of His Message and Station. The Brenneman's have such a beautiful home out in West Point - and it was definitely worth the trip! We had some prayers, readings, music, and refreshments. It was also nice to take the day off from work.

Tuesday, April 20

Election --- As of tonight, I've been elected to the Richmond city Baha'i Local Spiritual Assembly (LSA for short). I don't know quite how I feel about it. I'm at least excited, daunted, honored, and humbled...

Monday, April 19

Appartment Warming --- We had such a wonderful appartment warming yesterday! There were over a dozen people that came to visit my mom and dad and I. Beautiful people! Most were neighbors, but friends visited as well. I'm so grateful for the short time we got to practice some hospitality. I've been thinking a lot about how to enjoy my surroundings, and truth be told, I wasn't very supportive of the event, because I didn't see much meaning in it, and I thought it wouldn't be very successful. Big lesson for danio (for the hundredth - nay, thousandth time) - love with all your might, and embrace generosity, kindliness and hospitality whole-heartedly. That's not really it, but it will mean something different to you than it does to me no matter what I write. Dreams of bright spirals.

Monday, April 12

Aurora --- I had an interesting experience tonight: I listened to "Aurora" by Bjork, and I don't think I've ever like a song this much on first listen! I was on the verge of tears! The danio does enjoy life right now, and I see many new beautiful things, and many old things become more beautiful. There are unfortunately no words for what I have been going through, but I do hope my friends here can perceive (if only subconsciously) the energy bubbling inside of me... I miss bubble tea!

Sunday, April 11

Not-so-fickle --- The danio is officially happy. This is definitely not a new edict/decree/statement; but it's a definite confirmation. As many know, I've been "traveling" many realms of spiritual truth, and exploring philosophy and spirituality. Recently there's been a renewal in my quest for understanding the meaning of beginning and end, and how in reality, neither exists. Of course it's much more than that. Yesterday Robbie and I were able to take out a big chunk out that cake, and thereby realized that it's kind of a cupcake that we're almost done with, and kind of a universe that could never fit in a billion stomachs. Paradox is definitely where it's at. Had a great easter dinner. I love my friends. I can't say that enough. A great week ahead. It's almost like this coming week has already happened, even though I'm still reliving last week...

Thursday, April 8

Tuesday, April 6

Here's the Silverchair page.Great music and fun videos! I sing their songs constantly!
Jammin' --- What a great time Sherry and I had tonight! Between practising our Silverchair song and others, and chatting about our spiritual lives and environment, it really uplifted me. I have a friend whose knee got dislocated yesterday, and that bums me out. Plus my mom finally had that bothersome tooth pulled out... Not pretty. And my supervisor has had work done on her teeth for the last several weeks. Please send prayers their ways.
I caught up some with my friend Charlotte (not my sister) in SC. She's so wonderful! I love her! I don't know how long we talked, but it was a while. She's teaching biology for sixth grade, and she made me happy.
I had a dream last night that I was leading several dozen people in a group activity resembling role-playing, and everyone was having a grand time.
Love love love!

Sunday, April 4

The Passion --- Well, I finally saw this sensational movie, a surprizing cultural phenomenon...
The funny thing is, everybody always has to ask the not-so-pertinent question: "Did you like it?"
Of course, I can't answer that, and most people I've spoken to can't either. It didn't affect me upon seeing it as much as I had expected, however, in the 48 hours that have passed since, my mind has gone back numerous times to concepts or images from the movie. Overall, I'm very thankful for having seen it, appreciative of its effect on society, and grateful for the work and devotion that was put into its production.

Thursday, April 1

Rotation --- Acting Monday night
Choir Tuesday night
Tai Chi Wednesday night
Harry Potter tonight
While work is still crazy difficult and beyond my ability, life is full of fun!
Particularly, I got to see some rain today!
And you of all people know that rain makes a danio happy...
Maybe I'll finally see the Passion this weekend.
Love to everybody.