Monday, November 5

Pain & Nightmares

If I understand correctly, people are more likely to have nightmares in case of a fever. I've always considered nightmares as beneficial - an experience we learn from. I generally analyze a nightmare more closely than other dreams, since they are so powerful and memorable.

The world of dreams is a mysterious one, and challenges science to think beyond the superficial relationship between our daily life and our nighttime working mind. Some dreams are premonitory, they can help us make decisions, they give us glimpses of other lives, of other places. Some people can meet each other in their dream. It's a place where our spirit is connected to other souls, spirits and worlds.

After my nightmare last night, I've been thinking a lot. Fever is associated with pain. Through the physical experience of pain, is it not possible that our soul opens up to the spiritual world of pain? Do our nightmares at times of suffering teach us something specific? My nightmare was one of the holocaust, and upon awakening, I realized I might have witnessed an actual experience, perhaps shared by a soul or souls, who latched on to my receptivity. Isn't empathizing with the horrors of victims of the holocaust a precious gift? Isn't the strength that can come from it one that might help eradicate these events in the future of the world?

Treasure your nightmares.