Sunday, December 9


So I'm due for a post, and I'm giving full credit to Orion for these few words, to whom I said I'd post yesterday...

- One more week 'til vacation
- The whole family is preparing for what may be the biggest event of my life so far: Lillian and I will bring our families together for a celebration in Korla, Xing Jiang, China!
- Four of my classes performed shows completely in English (videos posted on my youtube page)
- My friend Shawn started working at the French school last week, so an old buddy will be my co-worker!
- I'm now coordinator for the English teaching team
- A friend's baby in Beijing is due for release this week
- Lillian and I will have to survive without NBC's "Heroes", but we'll soon be able to turn to ABC's "Lost"!
- I still love riding my bike to work each day
- Don't ask me to sing "Jingle Bells" again once this week is over