Monday, March 31

Grover, Grouch, Green Eggs and Ham

It's amazing what parts of me I've been able to trace back to books I read early in my childhood:

Reading about Grover's visit to the museum, I learned that you cannot easily categorize any object, and that nomenclature has its limits in defining things. Is a carrot a vegetable or a fruit? I also learned that life gets overwhelming, that there is much to learn about how to get through an experience, that we learn from past mistakes, and that the world is the most amazing of all museums.

Reading about the life of Oscar the Grouch, I learned that just because everybody else dislikes somethings doesn't mean I should dislike it too. In fact, it can be fun and identity-defining to like things that others don't - is it because of the Grouch that I have always loved rainy days?

Dr. Seuss has taught me much. What more simple and life-long serving lesson could you find than a willingness to try something new, however unappealing it may seem, especially when suggested by a friend? Interesting how I learned this without necessarily learning to give in to insistence - which would be a very bad thing. I guess the balance and completion of these lessons came in the virtues and qualities with which my parents inculcated me (note here the use of "inculcate" without its negative connotations).

Monday, March 24

I Love Shanghai

I've been really feeling these last few days the glory of living in Shanghai.

What a mythical place to call home for a few years!

How many the thoughts, feelings, memories, dreams, opinions and hopes associated with it!

And here I am, just living my life in the middle of it...

We've got Chinese names for a son or a daughter, and still thinking of English names.

On my mind:
  • My baby!
  • My magical married life
  • Our many goals and dreams for today, this week, this year, this life, this generation, this world.
  • The condominium we're going to buy in one month
  • The pleasure and challenges of my English classes
  • My sister's current family challenges
  • My friends
  • Stephanie Dornbrook, who recently passed away
  • Liam, Brent and Liza's new baby
  • Javad and Lily's upcoming marriage
  • Our goal to get a master each in the US within the next few years
  • Radiohead's album, "In Rainbows"

Wednesday, March 5

Out of Sight Out of Mind

My computer has been down for a couple of weeks :(
Lillian is close to hitting the three-month mark with our child, so her symptoms are multiple and intense, and the organs and limbs are almost complete... I think - then after that he mostly grows bigger.

So I've fallen behind in my emails again, and I'm so sorry for the souls that inspire me, who have received no worldly communications from me. But know that my thoughts and prayers are always with you.

My friends Liza and Brent have recently had a baby, so congratulations to them!

A couple of friends' marriages have been going through a hard time, so that's been trying.

Lillian's mom arrives by train tomorrow. She'll be living with us until the birth of our baby, and for some time after as well. She retired last September, so she's going to be a huge help!

Many many more things... I am always thinking of my friends, who have given me love and strength over the years, and though we may not hear from each other, we are always together.