Sunday, October 31

This --- I got AWEsomepictures from Sandai - some of his beautiful daughter and some of his new office on the 39th floor, with a gorgeous view on the rest of Paris (including a perfect view of the Eiffel Tower!).

Had an interesting conversation about violence and crime and the condition of our city of Richmond, and of our society, with my good friends. It's so overwhelming. We shared some nice ideas. Prayer is greatly need. Prayer and good deeds.

Just spoke with Jamie - she's getting married! I'm hoping to make it down to FL for the occasion. Speaking of which, I might be heading down there to go canoeing with Toad and Jason at the turn of the year.

I met a new brother. He too has red hair and white/clear eyebrows! He's an outstanding artist (guitar and voice). I have his CD (Martin Kerr, "just another man"). I can't wait to see him again!

Had an awesome conversation with Husayn! He's leading a wonderful weekend for Baha'i college students from various areas up at LouHelen Baha'i School. Robbie and I had a powerful prayer session, sending some energy up their way. I definitely miss Husay and Suzanne. I can't wait to meet their daughter Amia.

Our volleyball team finally won a competition game! It wasn't important to me to win any games, but since it's important to the rest of the team (the Flaming Flamingos) - it becomes so for me!

I finished a poem I had been working on for more than a month. I'm hoping to perform it at the next poetry slam in town. I've received excellent feedback. I'm thinking of calling it "The Message"...

Where are all most noble beings. Let us arise to this station, as we are meant to.

Tuesday, October 26

What it is --- Wow! I feel great!

Summary: Tuesday we had our celebration of the Birth of the Bab (Prophet of God and Forerunner of Baha'u'llah - founder of the Baha'i Faith!), which was very nice, and I met some Baha'is from the Toronto area. On Thursday, the two of them got together with Robbie and I, and we had an absolute BLAST, stuffing our stomach (more our whole _bodies_), talking philosophy, and generally being geeks. This night, also, I was introduced to "The Mars Volta" - an excellent, if overwhelming and "busy" rock band.

Friday, I go to Baltimore!!! I arrived in the afternoon, and I spent the rest of the day and the next morning with my great friend, Sam Gallant. Such a cool guy! I also visited with his daughter Maia, his wife Molly, and her sister Amy. Wonderful, beautiful visit. We went to the BMA (Baltimore Museum of Art), ate nice food together, laughed, and reminisced a little. The other half of the weekend I spent with Omid (Allen Eghrari). He's in grad med school at Johns Hopkins (hot stuff, eh?). We prayed, freestyled, played DDR, drove around, had spiritual/religious discussions, etc. - the way good friends like us should do... I also got to attend a couple of Baha'i gatherings - with mostly youth and young adults. I met a ton of people, and was enlightened, entertained, and spiritualized.

A group of Baha'is from one of these events went to see "What the Bleep do we Know?" - probably the most fascinating movie I have ever seen. It has permanently changed my perspective on the universe and the meaning of life. (How's that for a review??!?) Please consider renting/buying it when it comes out on video at your local store.

I'm all over hip hop these days: Mos Def's new album ("The New Danger") is out, and is way, WAY too good for words. Omid hooked me up with a CD of French rap, including a track or two by my favorite hip hop artists - "I Am." Omid also hooked me up with a CD of instrumentals, so when I got back on Sunday, Orion and I were freestyling to some nice beats. Oh, and Omid hooked me up with "Fort Tabarsi" - hands down the best Baha'i Hip Hop I've ever heard (not that we have much...) It's vastly superior to the popular hip hop, and it's up to par with some of the better stuff I know - but since it's about the Baha'i Faith, its Principles and Baha'u'llah, it downright some of the best music I've ever heard!

I've started writing a poem I've been preping for weeks. I'm hoping to perform it at a poetry slam late next month.

Wish you were here.

Monday, October 18

Thither --- When all things come together, in the final consumation of their purpose, reason, and simplicity, they converge with such rapidity that in a blur, the empty space they leave behind becomes a swirling cloud, shaping into the very universe within a single point. Concommittently, the elements of life take on a shape of their own, diverging in infinite directions, expanding the borders of existence, and forming a freedom beyond conception, unfathomable - yet real, and abiding. Thus the macrocosm and the microcosm spiral beyond their own confines, allowing us to see beauty and truth in a single face, a pebble, or the vast ocean.

On another note, I recommend Christina Aguilera's "Stripped" (I'm not even kidding!)

Wednesday, October 13

Simple --- I had my first ever 'Abdu'l-Baha dream! ('Abdu'l-Baha is the Center of the Covenant of the Baha'i Faith - He was endowed with the Spirit and charge to carry forward the Message of the Founder of the Faith, His Father, Baha'u'llah). As the Prefect Examplar, I have always turned to 'Abdu'l-Baha for guidance on how to live, particularly on how to be of service to God and to humanity (His name means "Servant of the Glory"). I had heard a number of people speak of their dreams of 'Abdu'l-Baha, and often wondered if/when I might get one. My love for Him knows no compare, and since dreams have always been so extremely important to me, it's the ultimate blessing for me to receive a visit from Him. In fact, that's just what happened in the dream. He paid me a visit. There are a couple of aspects to this dream, which was in fact exceptionally simple. It is, of course, very personal, and failed to hide my sobbing and sniffling at work this morning, as the deep memory came back to me. In the end, I am very moved, and I miss Him terribly - even though I know He is with me right now.

Wednesday, October 6

Divider --- Where I End and You Begin. I sent a summary of my first whole year living in the same place. If you didn't receive it, let me know and I'll send it to you! Sherry and I are working on a couple of new songs together - two of them are beautiful prayers! I spoke to Suzanne yesterday, so I'm happy as can be. I added some stuff to my profile, if you want to take a look. I still haven't figured out how to post my picture in my profile (as opposed to a dated post). Also, I can't see where to post always-accessible links to my favorite websites... What a boring post!

Saturday, October 2

More --- so many good times. Mind-blowing poetry slam; insightful acting class; new lessons in real estate/title transactions; completion of a two-three-week (also kind of a four-year) personal project; three days of cheese cake; hardest song to learn yet at choir practice; first two volleyball games of the season; I-Robot (decent, but not at all outstanding); a Greek tragedy (called "The Furies" - plus meeting with the director); setting plans to attend two big Baha'i conferences - in DC and in Orlando (the awesome one on socio-economic development - leading up to the UN Decade on Education for Sustainable Growth); time with cousin and other friends... all that and more, to make it one heck of an awesome week for danio - that's not even including the weekend, which is already promising...