Thursday, July 28

Derilict --- I have been absurdly derilict in my duties! it has been weeks since my last post, and for this I apologize.

There is much beauty in my life currently, and much need for adjustment. I left my job with LandAmerica on July 15 to work more full-time on _The Rose Knight_, thinking I might have more time to catch with other things, like this weblo... oh danio...

I'm currently tutoring two Baha'i study circles (books 2 ad 6), which is fun. There are wonderful and inspiring participants.

It's so difficult to keep writing even in this weblo, since I feel the pull of all my other tasks...

The play is going through some serious challenges, and I'm having trouble seeing how to best address them, and then follow through. Phew!

At least Robbie's back, both Christian and Mishkin are in town, Mark is always cracking me up, I'm exploring the infinite world of love, the people currently involved in the play are inspiring, I'm getting to watch Farscape and to work out more frequently (last three days in a row!)

Sunday, July 3

Time --- I contemplate and contemplate that I contemplate.

My mom had an operation for bunion and hammer-toe this week, so I've been trying to spend more time at home. Who know it would be so much pain, all the time?!? My dad and I are just trying to be around... the good part is that we've spent a lot more time together than we normally do. They usually never see me, since I don't often make it home before 10 or 11 at night...

Robbie's gone for one month, so I lost my work-out partner. I don't really see myself going to work-out on my own, so I'll just have to lose some strength in his absence. I really look forward to getting back into Capoeira in the Fall, especially that my increased strength will allow me to do much more than last time I was practicing!

Right now, though, I'm still spending the bulk of my effort on "The Rose Knight". Last week I managed to cast the whole play except for one character: Doom. It's really crazy how all of the characters have come together. The play has such a life of its own, it's incredible. I knew this would happen, since that was the case when I was producing/directing "The Peach" - but I didn't think it would reach this degree!! How fun!!!