Sunday, April 22

Let's Make Babies!!!

There's hardly any bigger, better news in life than a new baby, especially one related to me!
Sophia is Charlotte's third baby, making me three-times-uncle!
Between this and adding Lillian's relatives, my family is growing
- and soon enough we'll have our own BABIES!!!
I wrote a poem!

I am born. It is done.
Love and life have begun.
I am born out of women who shine
Like melodious suns in your heart.
May your journey to these be inclined,
Who shed light on how life ends and starts.

Lillian was, is and remains the beginning of being.
But for her, we are not, and never know blindness from seeing.

Charlotte charts the progress within birthing
Leading hearts to prove that they are worthy.

Suzanne, channel of life for the pure,
Dreams, delivers the future a cure.

Some meanings:
Birth and death are great powers, and some women have had a great influence in my ability to absorb their signigicance. This poem was born today.

Lillian, fiance (wife next week!) is in many ways my center - as far as human beings are concerned, she plays the pivotal role of reifying existence.

Charlotte, my sister, has been researching the various facets of birthing for many years, and has just delivered her third child. She lives the kind of life that makes it hard for others to understand "how she can do it all" - and she does do it all, which requires negotiating the various changes and challenges of life - which for those who witness, is a lesson in living, and giving birth.

Suzanne is a great and mysterious inspiration to me. She has developed an afinity with birthing, through various aspects of her life - a mother herself, a doula, and a dreamer of many birthing dreams. She also has a great positive influence on the people in her life.

On another note, it is obvious that I owe my greatest gratitude to my own mother, who sacrificed and labored to bring me into this wondrous world!

Note: Silverchair has a new album - you can listen to the whole album on their website. I most highly recommend it.
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Saturday, April 14

Warmth & Vulnerability

I had a house-warming party, with lots and lots of fruit!

Love is an amazing gift.

I am so excited to get married in two weeks! There's a warmth in my life that I've never known. I really feel that all the hype in songs and movies about love is actually underplayed - true love, and falling in love, are much more powerful and intense still. This is mostly because they miss the whole spiritual aspect of the relationship, which adds multiple dimensions to the relationship.

I've recently realized that I've had this idea that when you really love someone, you end up feeling feeling vulnerable. Maybe vulnerability seemed to me like a sign of true love. I wouldn't have agreed theoretically with this idea, but it's been a part of my reality. I now know that showing weakness and susceptibility do not enhance the feeling of love and appreciation in the partner - at least not in Lillian. I think that strength, confidence and empathy form a good combination, where one stands firm, aware and understanding, confirming one partner's reality at the same time as one's own.

I feel like there are so many new worlds to explore. What's interesting is that I'm actually still on this earthly world. Seeing how rich life is here, I can scarcely imagine what exploring other Worlds will be like. Maybe the fact that I will discover them with Lillian gives me a sense of their existence and impressions.
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Sunday, April 1

Two Keys to the Valley of Contentment

Key to the Valley of Contentment:

Sometimes, when you win, you lose.

Sometimes, when you lose, you win.

Those two strange phrases from "What Dreams May Come", my very favorite movie a few years ago, evoke strange feelings in me. I don't particularly buy into them, but they resonate with my heart, and generate tickling musings.

The truth is, we sometimes battle to take the right path and make the right decisions, only to find that it has no result we can recognize. We can only assume that our good intention has some kind of positive effect, but we still need to figure out how to tackle the challenge at hand. It sometimes even feels like a waste of time!

And then at other times, the opposite seems to happen - we make no particular move within one problematic area of our lives, and it is suddenly inadvertently resolved!

When we trust that those things which are meant to be resolved will do so of their own, and accept that our efforts, however valiant and purposeful, may not result in what we intend them to - without at all diminishing them - we bathe in deep contentment.

Key to the Valley of Contentment:

Have you ever noticed that an artist from one of your favorite bands goes solo, and his or her music suddenly loses all the beauty it had heretofore? (I'm thinking of the exorbitant and lamentable tragedy of Tom Yorke, Louise Rhodes, Lisa Gerrard and Billy Corgan's solo ventures among others.) Why are sophomore albums so frequently vastly inferior to debuts? Why is it that when some artist gain access to greater resources, they often lose their spunk?

I think people have a misguided idea of what it is to "get what you want". What do you want? Do you want what others say you want? If you're an actor, do you want to be a Hollywood star? (It's often been assumed that that would be my aspiration...) If you're a painter, is your main goal to have your art exposed around the world and sold at exorbitant prices (I know, I've used this exquisite word twice now!)?

Wise people always say they have all they need - everyone always ever has all they need. What a joy to know that the people in my life are the very souls that will benefit the most from my talents and my work! We always pray to reach more souls and touch more hearts, and we can remain confident that we have been chosen to bless the very people with whom we already come in contact. There's no one else we were supposed to have met or impressed - but maybe the very next moment there will be!

All you need is love.
Love (actually) is all around.
All is full of love.