Sunday, May 11

Happy Mother's Day

Fun stuff:

And this is from NewBeat, where I used to teach - Shout out to Jackie, Christina and Jessy (one of my old students!):


james reno said...

Salut Danio, on serait contents de savoir comment tu vas apres le tremblement de terre qu'il ya eut chez vous. On a eut le notre en martinique à la fin de l'annee derniere.
James et Olivia
Que Dieu te garde Danio.

Patty said...

The Mother's Day videos were cool. Mothers are indeed very special. It is really hard to put in words!

I am happy that my son appreciates me enough to suggest that I work in the same school as he does. Who would EVER have thought that I would decide to come NOW!?

Life is wonderful even with new knees to get used to!