Sunday, July 6


It's been great getting opportunities for leadership:

- Coordinator for the primary school English teacher team
- At the forefront of theatrical activities for the German and French Schools of Shanghai and their collaboration
- Meeting with the Director of the French school to further the progress of the school, its internal workings and relationships with partner schools
- And I might be offering a teacher training at a local school here in Korla this summer!

Below are some pictures from a theatre workshop I lead during the Rencontres Theatrales d'Asie:

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Patty said...

That's great that you have so many opportunities. I am sure glad that you helped me have an opportunity to be on the "cutting edge" of education since I will be teaching kindergarten in English. This is a first for the French School of Shanghai and I salute their efforts to help children learn languages in the most normal way possible!

Theatre and the arts are necessary parts of our life. Somehow we have tried to live without art and it just isn't possible. China is all about art and decorating everything. Even the Chinese language is written as an art form!
I wish that everyone could learn about how great China is and what it has to offer the world. I can't wait to be a part of China and be with my Chinese family. I really miss them now!

danio said...

That's a beautiful comment, mommy! Thanks!