Friday, April 18

Trip to Tonglu

I traveled with a class to Tonglu. Click link for more pictures

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Mara Noelle said...


My father has begun to blog again.

Here is a poem he posted:

I want to tell the whole earth about.....

"Her Dying"

my heart has cried without a tear
the frightful nights
and daytime fears
a loneliness unended by my sight
nor kept in friended arms abounding
love not lost sequestered in my breast
lips longing for her softest kiss
showered in the rain on walks
aching through remembrances once lived

aswim within the gazes of her eyes
i am not tranquilly dispatched
aside bespeaking lies to ease my pains
my soul is numb, untracked
i speak.
i speak
i speak
i seek and seek and seek and seek and seek
nowhere do i find her idly standing by
and within my privacy of self, and hollow home,
i cry

I thought you might want to write him, if you aren't already.